Bottega Veneta Launches a New Personalization Program

    This season, Bottega Veneta celebrates its iconic motto “When Your Own Initials Are Enough.” The saying, coined in the 1970s, expressed the brand’s aversion to logos, and embrace of discreetly luxurious products that could be recognized by their sophisticated individualist clientele through singular design. When Tomas Maier took over the helm of the brand in 2001, he utilized the motto as a guiding principle. Starting from February clients will have the opportunity to partake in a range of personalization services in Bottega Veneta boutiques, some of which will feature dedicated corners within the store. Embossing and stamping are both complimentary; the finished product will be available within 24 hours at select stores or within a few days. The graphic shadow letters used in stamping are available in three sizes and six colors. Stitching requires a longer turnaround period as it can only be executed by Bottega Veneta artisans.

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