Calvin Klein this week announces the reopening of its Madison Avenue flagship, complete with a floor-to-ceiling installation by Sterling Ruby and the debut of Raf Simons’s Fall 2017 “205W39NYC” collection. Ruby has in turn reimagined architectural designer John Pawson’s original design of the CK location, ultimately taking cues from his two previous projects for the label.

    “I’m taking the Calvin Klein flagship store from minimal to maximal; my design should be seen as a marker to celebrate the future of the brand,” said Ruby. “I wanted the store to glow from within, representing a new day for Calvin Klein.”

    In adding, Simons noted, “I wanted the store to generate a very immediate physical experience that could as well be intimately connected to the collections. It is also a continuation of the language I am creating with Sterling for Calvin Klein’s visible and physical identity. The use of very direct and familiar references common to the American visual experience creates a simple and emotional connection with the brand.”

    Calvin Klein; Location: New York NY;

    Calvin Klein; Location: New York NY;

    Calvin Klein; Location: New York NY;



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