Fenty Beauty Is Launching a New Eye-Shadow Palette and Liquid Eyeliner

    Rihanna attended Virgil Abloh’s historic debut as Louis Vuitton’s artistic director in a white utility-inspired wide-leg jumpsuit, which she paired with an optic white cat-eye. Fenty fans were quick to speculate that the look signaled a new Fenty Beauty eyeliner launch, and they were right: Rihanna, along with the brand, took to Instagram late Monday morning  to announce the latest batch of Fenty goods. Come July 6th a ‘Moroccan Spice’ eyeshadow palette is coming our way. Inside are 16 eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmery shades; all are far less glittery than the Galaxy Shadow palette, Rihanna’s first venture into eye palettes from late last year. The right side of the palette are all warm shades like oranges and golds, while the left has cooler shades like turquoise and emerald.


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