Set in VEGA Concert Hall and other modern environments, we get a glimpse at a few overarching themes of the season for Givenchy, such as oversized pants and loose-fitting jackets for both genders. On the other end of the spectrum, some regular-fitting jackets offered in both leather and denim options present a clean and classic vibe behind Riccardo Tisci’s color direction.

    What we are thrilled to see is the return of the SNAP PANT. 90’s kids, if you know, you know.

    RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_2_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_4_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_9_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_10_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_24_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_26_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_27_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_33_look

    RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_11_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_14_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_15_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_16_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_17_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_19_look

    RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_36_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_37_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_39_look RTW_W_FW17_PRECO_42_look


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