Nathalie Fanj

    We meet Bierut’s fashion it-girl and local cool-mom inspirer.

    What’s your secret to success?
    Authenticity and always being up to date when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

    How do you juggle your family and your work life?
    Well that’s the hardest thing about my work, i always make a balance between spending time with my kids and traveling for work.

    Nathalie Fanj 1
    Dress: versus | Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Boots: Balenciaga

    What’s the best thing about what you do?
    Freelancing while doing what you really love.

    What did you love most about your shoot with D-journal?
    The positive and excited spirit of the whole team and their professionalism along with their flexibility.

    Nathalie Fanj 3
    Dress: versus | Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes: Versus

    Creatively how do you express yourself as a personality?

    Do you think of yourself as a brand?

    What’s your biggest fashion weakness?

    Who is influencing you right now?
    Every woman working hard to bring the best to her followers

    Nathalie Fanj 4
    Dress: Tommy Hilfiger | Top: Versus

    What’s the standout project for you so far?
    The launch of Chevrolet’s Trax car

    What’s something that you are aiming to achieve?
    Creating my own brand

    How do you have such a rocking body after 2 kids?!
    We want your secrets? Haha i’ve always had a high metabolism which helped me stay skinny while pregnant and even after delivery. I work out to stay fit and have a toned body.

    How do you want to be perceived by other working moms?
    As a successful hard working mom who can keep a balance between her family and work.

    What’s the most important lesson you want to teach your kids?
    They have to work hard for every little thing they want to achieve.

    Why did you start your blog/ channels?
    I started it as a hobby because I always liked to take pictures of myself and my outfits.

    Nathalie Fanj 2
    Top & Pants: Versus

    When did you know it was turning into a really business?
    After I hit 100k and started getting collaborations requests.

    What’s on your playlist?
    Jason Derulo – if I’m lucky

    Favorite website this month?

    Last app your downloaded?

    Where are all the places we can follow you?
    Anywhere glamorous with good food and good music 😉

    Interview by  Meredith Damouni
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    A Capital D Studio Production

    Creative Director – Meredith Damouni   View Portfolio
    Photographer – Felina Hung  View Portfolio
    Stylist –Aarya Maria Mathai
    Hair and makeup – Ahaigul
    Post production: Capital D Studio


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