Mao and Alve are the creative-drive of Sirloin, both Central Saint Martins graduates in 2013. They have been awarded LVMH Grand Prix Scholarship, the L’Oréal Professional Young Design Talent,and the Sally Woodward Award. Since then Mao carried on her design career at Louis Vuitton and Alve at Dries Van Noten until their assembly in Shanghai to initiate their very own brand SIRLOIN.

    The vision of Sirloin is that owning underwear that matches with your favorite outfit is the true luxury. Sirloin is a brand that celebrates the importance of laziness and stupid elegance. The public toilets at Place de la Madeleine  illustrate the self-ironic point of view.

    Photos: Clemens Klenk

    Clara Abi Nader
    Clara abi Nader
    Clara Abi Nader

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