TALA SAMMAN – Dubai’s most fashionable DJ shoots exclusively for D-journal

    On the eve of her amazing opening act for international superstar Dua Lipa, Tala Samman speaks frankly to D-jour

    nal and shoots this exclusive story for us inspired by her love of fitness and fashion.

     Look by P.E. Nation from Hautletic 

    What is most important to you right now?

    Self love and health.

    How do you define your success?

    Being able to do what you love.

    Who are you following?

    I’m no follower.

     Look from Hautletic

    Who do we HAVE to know about?

    There’s more to life than the bubble we live in.

    What makes you motivated?

    Inspiring others to do something – whether it’s to do good or push them to go after what they love.

     Look from Hautletic

    Top three websites?

    Refinery29, Hypebeast and mashable

    Top three apps?

    VSCO, Wunderlist and podcasts

    Where should we follow you?

    Instagram @myfashdiary


     Look from Hautletic



    Full production and post by Capital.D . 

    Shot on location at Fit & Beat 



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