Al-Murabba: the gem of Riyadh Season

The Al-Murabba district in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city, opened in October of this year, enabling visitors to enjoy its Saudi-style hospitality. The leafy trees that fill the square of historic Al-Murabba Palace are festooned in lights and its corners, steeped in heritage, illuminated by various decorative pillars as part of the current activities of Riyadh Season 2021.

The Al-Murabba zone is graced by the presence of luxurious international restaurants and cafés offering delicious diverse and unique cuisine prepared under the direction of recognised chefs from America, Italy, Japan, Argentina and France. In addition the zone features events, including live music, stores featuring Saudi brands with multiple exhibits, and walking paths amidst gardens with lit trees and fountains. 

The pantheon of eateries encompasses restaurants from an array of cultures. Among the most renowned of these and the highest rated by visitors is the Argentinian restaurant Don Julio. What makes this restaurant special is that all the beef served comes from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle raised in the countryside outside Buenos Aires. While Don Julio serves nearly every part of the cow, the most popular meats are house cuts like bife de cuadril (rump steak) and entraña (skirt steak).

The original Don Julio’s history extends over 20 years. The owner, Pablo Rivero, opened the steakhouse in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires in 1999 when he was in his twenties. His family owned a cattle farm, which helped him in the success of the project.

The Riyadh incarnation of Don Julio boasts a high turnout, with the number of patrons daily reaching about 140. Each guest experiences a special encounter with Argentine food and drinks in a charming, poetic atmosphere, with seating both indoors or outdoors under the skies of Riyadh.

In the historic Al-Murabba area, the celebrated Argentinean restaurant has been designed to cater to today’s tastes so that guests can spend an unforgettable evening amidst the legacy of a bygone Riyadh.

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