Alighieri x YOOX collaboration for Jan 2022

Get ready for new collabs in Jan at YOOX – 2022 is looking to be the year of deeper collaboration between designers and platforms or more established brands in order to unify messaging and purpose to wider or niche audiences – we likey.

Coming up first for the new year is the Alighieri x YOOX collection – a capsule dedicated to friendship, love and sharing special moments – ahhhh, that’s so 2022 of you guys 🙂

Alighieri is a London based, sustainable jewellery brand inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, founded by Rosh Mahtani in 2014.

The unique, unisex capsule collection, is created through the ancient process of lost wax casting: here the jewels are transformed from wax to bronze and then carefully gold plated all in the heart of London’s jewellery district Hatton Garden.

The design theme of the collection, is a set of broken heart padlock necklaces that fit together in reunion, a bracelet, two rings and two pairs of colored ceramic earrings, has been specifically designed for GenZ and has taken inspiration from the 90s when Rosh was their age, harking back to what was important to her back then.

Think celebrating friendship, relationships and unions.. in a beautiful way, with beautiful jewellery.

“Remember when you would say goodbye to your friends at the end of the day and you would hug them like you would never see them again, this is the sort of love we want to celebrate!”, tells Rosh Mathani.

“The Alighieri x YOOX capsule is a collection of symbols to guide the younger generations through the ups and downs of life’s daily challenges and adventures.”  


The collection, is also included in the YOOXYGEN section due to Alighieri’s sustainable and ethical practice. In 2020, Alighieri won the Queen Elizabeth II Award 2020 for British Design and continue their commitment to working with local UK manufacturers, mindful of keeping the craft alive, and maintaining a low carbon footprint amongst various other initiatives.           

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