MCM’s AW22 is all about The Movement

Life is all about motion – and the essence of action and vitality is at the very heart of German luxury fashion house MCM’s AW22 campaign. Introducing a significant shift from the usual seasonal structure of a single static collection, AW22 portrays continual motion, with the collection spread over three distinct capsules.

Though the Haus has never stood still when it comes to the development and evolution of its signature styles, here the theme of motion is taken to another level. Titled ‘The Movement,’ the motorsport-inspired campaign harnesses the dynamic energy of motorbikes and associated paraphernalia to showcase AW22’s unique designs – modern cuts which form powerful silhouettes.

“With this campaign we’re taking the next step to elevate the brand while maintaining the MCM spirit of mobility, travel, and culture – creating an upscale look that combines classic tailoring with sportswear elements.” – Dirk Schönberger, Global Brand Officer, MCM Worldwide.

Driving a creative engine fueled by imagination and motility, Berlin-based director Felix Aaron worked with photographer Dan Beleiu and stylist Raphael Hirsch to illustrate the collection. This involved a whole new view of movement: As the 21st century creates its own virtual worlds, MCM rolls into the metaverse with a series of Meta cubes in thematic colors.

Arranged by set designer Leonardo Papini, the inter-dimensional cubes are designed to reflect the range’s diversity by highlighting radically different textures while demonstrating its freedom and vitality in emulating the rush of racing itself. CGI-scanned from within the deep green and millennial pink spaces, talents Leon, Ga Young, and Sculy are seen to weave between realities in a cosmos free of limits.

The AW22 campaign showcases the absolute freedom and power of a life in motion. Racing beyond the powerful aesthetics of motorsports culture into whole new worlds and digital realities, MCM captures the very essence of movement. The eye-catching collection is now available both in stores and online.

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