From The Amalfi Coast To The Heart Of Riyadh

Experience the essence of summertime in Italy with Il Baretto’s curated One Italian Summer dining menu. Inspired by the vibrant culinary traditions of the Amalfi Coast, One Italian Summer highlights a series of mouthwatering, seasonally inspired dishes which bring the extraordinary dining experience of Italy’s most iconic holiday destination to the heart of Riyadh’s KAFD.

Discover delicious, simple and authentic specialty dishes especially crafted from regional Italian produce as you sample an array of handpicked summer specials from Il Baretto’s acclaimed culinary repertoire.

From the Insalata di Polipo, delicately grilled octopus salad; Panzanella, Tuscan cherry tomato salad with celery, red onion, cucumber, basil, bread croutons and Buffalo mozzarella; and Zuppa di Zucchine, a refreshing, cold courgette soup featuring basil, Buffalo cheese, ricotta and walnuts; to the Tomato Tart, Vanilla Millefeuille, and refreshing cocktails such as the Frutini and the artistic Gianni Politi, inspired by the creativity of the Roma Roma Roma painting hanging in the restaurant’s main dining room, One Italian Summer embraces the iconic culinary traditions and culture of unforgettable summers in the Amalfi Coast.

Served alongside Il Baretto’s complete à la carte menu, One Italian Summer will surely inspire and delight your taste buds with every sip and bite. 

Available now until October, One Italian Summer at Il Baretto is an unmissable dining experience for anyone looking to embark on a memorable gastronomical journey, throughout the summer, and beyond.

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