Pierre Marcolini presents holiday collection, Under Berries

In preparation for this coming Christmas holiday season, Maison Pierre Marcolini has drawn inspiration from the scents, various flavors, beauty, and auditory landscape of the enchanting forest.

The Master Chocolatier invites us to come together, amongst our loved ones, as he brings together talented artisans in his Atelier, whilst imagining a spontaneous evening in a clearing in the middle of the woods. To share all the best he has to offer for the festive season.

“I was moved by the incredible abundance of the forest. Pondering on its generosity; its trees – mistletoe, holly, fir – its fruits and berries – chestnut, cranberry, blackcurrant, acacia, pomegranate or even juniper – and how all that is offered, brings us closer to nature.” – Pierre Marcolini

The Christmas Holiday Collection: Under Berries offers four magical selections.

The Advent Calendar: Eagerly awaited every year, allows you to immerse yourself in this enchant- ed forest consisting of 24 chocolate creations well before the end of the year. 

The Holly: Essential to any gathering coming in bite-sized form, in a ‘Demi-Plumier box’, or in a ‘Malline’, a famous little chocolate box invented by the Master Chocolatier – a novelty for this season. 

The Stars: The Maison’s journey to the constellations, essential for the holidays. These boxes form a true ode to “gianduja”, the Italian cousin of the praliné available in six different recipes. 

The Christmas Tree Box: A playful and easy gift that will charm (the) young and (the) old and this box consists of ten Christmas bells available in three “wooden” recipes.

Spoil your loved ones. Pick up your luxury chocolates at the Pierre Marcolini boutique in The Dubai Mall.

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