Rich experiences earn the “Ana Arabia” exhibition an international reputation in designs and fashion during Riyadh Season 2021.

The “Ana Arabia” exhibition, one of the events of Riyadh Season 2021, celebrates many rich experiences that have contributed to giving the exhibition an international reputation in the fields of design and fashion and establishing a thriving industry, which caught the attention of international fashion houses and those interested in the art of beauty.

The ancient Arab designs in the exhibition are based on a wide range of innovations combined with modern typical styles, according to patterns inspired by the original Arab adornment tools, immortalized by the exhibition by mixing them with many high-end brand products.

According to the Egyptian designer Randa Fahmy, the exhibition establishes unique and diverse concepts in oriental arts and designs and a number of international works, stressing that the exhibition is the first destination for Middle Eastern women, who are interested in exploring the beauty of Arab designs and their antique spirit, in addition to their modern innovations.

Fahmy pointed out that the exhibition includes local and international designs and ideas, which are a goal and a requirement for luxury places in hotels and hospitality halls, accompanied by lights that add colors and shapes that increase their beauty and make them the focus of attention for visitors of Riyadh Season 2021.

In one of the exhibition’s pavilions dedicated to displaying Omani fashion designs, designer Huda Abdel Mueen said that the “Ana Arabia” exhibits refer in detail to the ancient Arab society and its legacies, of which fashion is an integral part. She noted that the exhibition’s strength attracts those interested in designs and fashion. She also confirmed that she is cooperating with the Saudi traditional fashion specialist Najla Al-Wadani, who advised her to integrate the Gulf heritage fashion with more than 12 designs in more than 150 pieces.

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