Rossano Ferretti now in Abu Dhabi

We chat with acclaimed hair artist, Rossano Ferreti, as he launches his first salon in the UAE.

  1. Rossano, you are literally heralded in the world of hair expertise and we’re honored to spend time with you today for this interview! Please give us the low down on The Invisible Cut .. we’re ready to learn your secrets!

Together with my sister and Artistic Director Lorenza, we created The Invisible Haircut, or “Il Metodo”, to help the hair fall naturally according to the organic movement of the hair. Focusing on the natural fall of the hair, I can say that still today this is a revolutionary  damage-free technique. We use a sophisticated vertical cut, using special scissors with horizontal teeth – the scissors in fact are my own creation and only cut 18 percent of the hair, compared to regular texturising scissors which cut 50-60 percent of the hair. The scissors are crafted in Italy and available exclusively to our team of Hair Artists. We created The Invisible Haircut in order to focus on the individual beauty of every client, tailoring the haircut as determined by details such as hair type, facial structure and personality, without deteriorating the hair cuticle, cortex or pigments. The goal was to create a haircut without geometry, and without seeing the cut of the scissors on the hair. I have to say, this is not an easy technique, and it takes months of training and education, which is why it is only available in Rossano Ferretti HairSpas.

  1. Who’s the most fabulous person that you’ve had the pleasure of cutting their hair?

I believe every client is fabulous in their own way. For me and my teams it is not just about cutting hair, but making every individual feel confident and empowered with their natural hair beauty. 

  1. Any gossip you can share?

I’m not one to gossip.   We have the greatest respect for the privacy of our clients and many of our very famous clients come to us knowing they will enjoy an exclusive and unique experience in a calm and private environment.

  1. What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

Giving clients the freedom to express themselves and not restricting hair beauty to the latest ‘trends’. That for me is the biggest gift. 

  1. Tell us about your new salon in Abu Dhabi?

It is stunning, a work of art! The hair spa experience is one of exclusivity, with four cutting and styling chairs, two wash chairs, a dedicated chair for manicures and pedicures and a separate VIP space for fully privatized bookings. There is of course a distinct ‘Italian’ ambience in the space yet it is in keeping with the generous spirit and culture of Abu Dhabi.

Every visitor deserves something special and here guests are warmly greeted by my carefully selected team of specially trained hair artists who can offer The Invisible Haircut, our range of exclusive hair spa treatments and multi-award-winning Rossano Ferretti Parma hair products which can be purchased in salon to continue the journey of hair health at home. Each product formula is 100% made in Italy, using innovative skincare technology and upto 99% natural ingredients. We use only our own formulas in the salon, as we believe every guest deserves the best quality and results. 

  1. Why was the location of The Abu Dhabi EDITION the perfect fit for your brand?

For me it was a simple choice. Much like the Rossano Ferretti brand, the Abu Dhabi EDITION redefines traditional luxury. It offers individualized and customized one-of-a-kind amenities, services and comfort. It is the perfect Abu Dhabi location for my team of hair artists to offer The Invisible Haircut and our exclusive range of Rossano Ferretti Parma products.

  1. What’s coming up in 2022 that we need to look out for?

Me and the team are super excited about 2022, there is lots happening – much of which I can’t say right now, but amongst all the new and exciting activity will be new product launches and new hair spa openings!

  1. Who, from our region, would you absolutely LOVE to restyle?

To me, every client is a celebrity. As long as I see my clients happy and confident in their own hair; that is more than enough for me. 

Enjoy the Rossano Ferretti experience at the Rossano Ferretti at EDITION Spa The Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotel

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