Swarovski continues their brand revamp with designer collaborations.

Amina Muaddi x Swarovski

As a part of the rediscovery of Swarovski in a move to heighten relevance and ensure the brand strides forward, The Swarovski crystal lifestyle welcomes its new collaborations platform ‘Creators Lab’, where customers can buy collaboration products directly via Swarovski channels. The concept is to infuse a modern twists on the brand’s already rich culture of art, film, music and creativity,

The first collaboration is with fashion darling, show designer Amina Muaddi, in a smart move that makes sense and feels like a real collaboration in design and aesthetic.


For the first time in its 126-year history, Swarovski will feature collaboration brands in two European markets: Paris’s Instant Wonder and Zurich’s concept store locations. These hubs will each contain a dedicated Creators Lab area, merchandised for guests to explore – a shift towards smart retail experience, discovery and education of the brand history. 

In Paris’s Champs Elysees location, a collaboration with Amina Muaddi takes center stage in presentation of the Julia Glass Sandal. A signature silhouette for the fashion-forward, globally recognized brand, the Creators Lab version of the stiletto is featured in a Swarovski-exclusive rosy pink colorway, adorned with crystal spikes, and features a flared glass heel for the ultimate mix of attitude and femininity. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by the Swarovski universe, it’s is such a big component of what I do so I was happy to work on a special collaborative effort with the masters of crystals. The Swarovski crystal spikes are the elements that make the Julia sandal special so I thought of creating an exclusive colour that celebrates femininity and what better than a pink hue to carry this message?”, says designer, businesswoman, and entrepreneur Amina Muaddi, in response to the collaboration. 

In store, the shoe will be on display and available for try-on, following which, customers can scan the custom QR code and purchase via Swarovski.com, with convenient delivery to their homes only days later. 

As a whole, Swarovski’s Creators Lab offers yet another point of entry into the mindset of Wonderlab and the crystal lifestyle, continually asking customers and clients to ignite their dreams, in whatever form they take shape. 

Visit the Swarovski Creators Lab digitally at Swarovski.com or in selected physical locations.

We can’t wait to see what the next collaboration will bring!

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