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Technogym is a well-known and the leading company in design-led equipment and digital technologies for fitness, wellness and sport. It offers consumers a wide range of home wellness products, as well as fitness clubs with digital solutions for their members to train at home. 

Over the years, Technogym has built a unique digital ecosystem in the fitness industry, offering consumers a “Wellness on the go” training experience that people can enjoy anywhere and anytime: at home, at the gym, at the office or at hotels when traveling.

The digital services and home fitness products allow people to continue to follow their wellness program, when they can’t attend their fitness club. Technogym MyWellness Cloud platform and Mywellness app allows Technogym users to access training programs remotely, when they’re unable to attend a facility.

When it comes to home fitness equipment, Technogym offers a full range of products and

bespoke solutions based on the space available, training needs and home interior style. This includes, 


This is created for people wishing to create a stylish dedicated wellness area at home. ‘Personal Line’ includes a complete range of cardio equipment – treadmill, bike and elliptical. Thanks to UNITY – the digital touchscreen interface – users can live a fully personalized experience made up of their training programs, data and content, applications, favorite websites, social networks and entertainment options like Netflix, YouTube and TV channels.


By simply placing your tablet on the MYRUN console, you will be able to choose your favorite trainer from the comprehensive library of on-demand content that offers engaging one-to-one guided sessions, training routines for athletic performance, tailor-made workouts and virtual paths set in nature or in your favorite city. Technogym MYRUN is dedicated to delivering the same training experience at home, as you would experience at a professional gym. 


Technogym Bike offers users scientific tracking of their power output (watts) and unrivaled user-friendliness thanks to a patent-pending on-the-fly system that enables one to find the perfect position of the handlebar and seat with one simple touch.


Designed in 1986 by Nerio Alessandri, Technogym’s Founder and CEO, UNICA marked the beginning of the home fitness era. For the first time, thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it was possible to concentrate an entire gym in 1.5 square meters and allow 25 different exercises with only one product.

Whether your goal is athletic training, improving performance or following a wellness lifestyle, with Technogym you can comfortably train at home starting with one of its latest and innovative products.

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